“We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to continue broadcasting the entire NBCUniversal channel portfolio,” reads a Saturday update to the YouTube blog. “That means you won`t lose access to any of their channels, and YouTube TV will continue to offer more than 85 networks for $64.99. We appreciate NBCUniversal`s willingness to work towards an agreement, and we also thank you for your patience when we negotiated with them on your behalf. YouTube TV customers will continue to receive the NBCUniversals cable channel suite and local NBC channels after Google and NBCU announced a formal deal on Saturday. YouTube TV said in a statement on Saturday: “We are pleased to announce that we have now entered into an agreement with NBCUniversal. They will continue to have access to more than 85 channels, including all NBCU channels, their regional sports networks and their local NBC channel, without our current monthly price changing. The service currently costs $64.99/month. “If NBCU offers us a level playing field, we will renew our agreement with them,” YouTube TV said in a blog post earlier this week. “NBCU is an important partner for us.” In a blog post published earlier this week, YouTube TV said it has yet to renew an agreement with NBCUniversal to broadcast their networks on their platform. If the deal is not extended until Thursday, Sept. 30, YouTube TV said it would have to remove those channels from its programming. In return, YouTube TV users would have reduced their subscription plan by $10 until they picked up content from NBCUniversal. The prior agreement was to be reached on 30 September.

September at midnight ET expires, but the parties have secured a short-term extension while continuing to work on a long-term agreement. “The prevalence of cable shutdown in the U.S. and the continued decline in the cable network`s audience make transportation deals difficult,” analysts at research firm S&P Global Market Intelligence wrote in a September report. “Traditional multi-channel operators are facing lower demand due to the rise of over-the-top platforms, but cable programmers continue to demand affiliate price increases to keep their linear businesses afloat.” This isn`t the first time this year that Google has found itself in a deadlock with a media company over distribution. In the fall, Google`s agreement with NBCUniversal`s cable networks and local NBC stations expired. The companies were able to quickly reach a new agreement. A similar disagreement with Roku over the terms of distribution of the YouTube and YouTube TV apps was settled this month. YouTube TV told its subscribers in a Sept. 28 email that it would abandon NBCUniversal channels — including Bravo, E!, Oxygen, CNBC, Syfy, The Golf Channel and various NBC Sports channels — if the deal was not renewed and youTube TV`s monthly price would increase from $64.99 to $54.99.

“YouTube TV will continue to offer more than 85 networks for $64.99,” YouTube TV said. “We appreciate NBCUniversal`s willingness to work towards an agreement, and we also thank you for your patience when we negotiated with them on your behalf.” NBCU may have wrested some concessions from YouTube TV on the deal; For example, maybe a shorter duration (we still don`t know the actual duration of the multi-year contract). But it`s hard to see the final deal as anything other than a complete withdrawal from NBCU. YouTube TV, Google`s popular live channel streaming service, was set to lose access to all of Comcast`s NBCUniversal channels on Thursday night, but the two companies struck a new promotion deal to replace the one that originally expires Friday night. YouTube TV`s deal to broadcast NBCUniversal networks — including USA, E!, CNBC, Bravo and NBC with NFL Sunday Night Football — will continue after reaching a deal over the weekend. In a blog post published Saturday, YouTube said it appreciated “NBCUniversal`s willingness to work on a deal.” Google`s YouTube TV and NBCUniversal announced Saturday that they have reached a new transportation deal that will retain 14 NBCUniversal TV channels — including NBC, MSNBC, Bravo, E! and Telemundo – available to YouTube TV subscribers. In an update posted on their blog on Saturday, YouTube TV said it has reached an agreement with NBCUniversal to support NBC and its entire suite of cable networks, including Bravo, E! and USA Network, among others. Football fans rejoice – YouTube TV has struck a deal to keep “Sunday Night Football” and other NBCUniversal content on the air. Eric Clapton sued a woman who had registered a contraband CD on eBay for $11. It now owes thousands. At least 5 deaths after tornadoes, storms across the Great Plains and the Midwest Google`s streaming TV service got stuck in its negotiations with NBCU, watching its proposal to force YouTube TV subscribers to increase $10 per month for Peacock Premium in addition to the standard $65 per month subscription to YouTube TV. Earlier this week, it emerged that YouTube TV could lose the legal rights to broadcast NBCUniversal`s channels, including regional sports channels and NBC network stations.

Google, owner of YouTube TV, had resisted NBCUniversal`s requests to pay higher fees. NBCU said it was aiming for “fair pricing from Google for YouTube TVs to continue to promote the only portfolio of entertainment, Hispanic, news and sports networks.” “I had no idea that so many people were using YouTube TV to watch sports,” tweeted Jessica Smetana, a sports media personality at Meadowlark Media and “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.” .